Live Jazz Student Recital

    The Kidera Brothers perform live at Dundee Music for a recital. They are the result of jazz music lessons, hard work, and a musical talent. We're proud to have the Kidera Brothers play this Alumni Recital.

    From Van Buren St. to Main St.

    The first Methodist Church in Dundee was originally built in 1859 on Van Buren St. just south of the present location of the Immanuel Lutheran Church. Immanual Lutheran purchased it for $600, and used it as a school for 30 years. Around 1911 this building was moved to its present location at 7 E. Main St. It was turned around so that the original front is now facing the back. Today it's known as Dundee Music! For more Dundee History, checkout 'Dundee Township - Moments Frozen in Time'

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